I have had landmark moments in my past.  These are MOMENTS, not periods of time.  These are instances where my life was changed forever.  Forever.

I have figured out that landmark moments happen and many times I do not really understand the profound impact that this single moment will have on my future.  Landmark moments can also happen totally unexpected.

Here are some landmark moments that have happened in my life

  • Committing my life to Jesus Christ
  • Filling out an application to Purdue University
  • Going to a dance the first week of my freshman year at college & meeting this hot girl named Jenn (my wife!)
  • Deciding to contribute the maximum to my 401k
  • Taking a job transfer to South Carolina
  • Filling out an application to Clemson University
  • Meeting Perry
  • Helping start NewSpring Church
  • The birth of my daughter
  • Chopping up my credit cards and committing to become debt-free (We did!)
  • Starting the Financial Peace University class at Nappanee Missionary Church
  • Abandoning my career to go do exactly what God put me on this earth to do – help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible

I have found that landmark moments can be sneaky!  You never know when they are going to happen.  I have also found that landmark moments tend to be closely related to how you live your life!  If you live your life to the fullest – and pursue good and the betterment of your fellow man – more good landmark moments are bound to happen.  If you live your life to the fullest – and pursue selfish dreams at the expense of others – more bad landmark moments are bound to happen.

What are the landmark moments in your life?  When you look back, do you want to have a sea of regret?  NO ONE DOES!!!  By looking forward and saying, "HOW CAN I MAKE DECISIONS THAT HONOR GOD AND HONOR OTHERS?", you will have a GREAT chance of being able to look back and say, "No regrets.  I did all that I possibly could with all of the talents, possessions, and gifts that I have."

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