Leadership in Finances

What does the word "Leadership" mean?

Well, it is (as my 7-year old daughter informs me) a compound word comprising of two words: Leader & Ship

I started thinking …  What does a Lead Ship look like for the Navy?

Here are some characteristics that describe a Lead Ship:

§         Always out in front

§         1st to confront the enemy

§         Scares the enemy (why do enemies always try to attack the rear?)

§         Always prepared for the surprise

§         Best people are on board

§         Nimble and Flexible

§         Trusted

§         Heavily Equipped/Armed

§         Always on the lookout

§         Newest/Best knowledge and equipment

§         Has a plan!

§         Leads others

How does this apply to your finances?  Well, do you exhibit the same characteristics when it comes to the way you manage your finances?

Do you have a plan?  Are you prepared for the surprise?  Do you have a plan?  Are you flexible?  Are you able to be trusted?

Look through the list.  What do you need to do to exhibit these characteristics?

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