Leadership Tip: What You Do And Say Matters

What you DO matters most but what you SAY matters as well!

As a leader, what you do and say matters greatly. Ensuring that you actually do what you say is always challenging. If you are a parent, you know this to be exceptionally true. I was reminded of this recently as I was driving down a busy road in my home town with my young son in the backseat. I had recently heard him say the word “stupid” and administered appropriate chastisement: “Son, you shouldn’t say that word. It’s not nice.”

This road we were traveling on has what seems like one thousand traffic lights – accompanied by about as many crazy drivers. Sure enough, a person pulled out right in front of me and nearly caused an accident. “Stupid driver!” I exclaimed.

Any parent knows what happened next.
Son: “Dad!”
Me: “Yes, son?”
Son: “You shouldn’t say that word. It’s not nice.”
Me: “You’re right, son. I’m sorry.”

It is important to do what you say. If not, well, they call that hypocrisy.

Here’s the challenge:

  1. Spend the next day listening to what you are saying – record your conversations if you need to.
  2. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • Am I saying what matters most?
    • Am I communicating clearly to others?
    • Am I modeling “doing” what I’m “saying”?

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