Lesson In Procrastination

I am sitting here looking at my backyard.  I've included a picture so you can see what I am seeing. 

This, my friends, is the result of procrastination.  You see, we purchased this house six months ago.  My eyes immediately spied this particular pine tree.  It was unique.  It went up about 20 feet as a single trunk, and then it split into two separate beams.  Large beams.  Over 60 feet long each!

I told several of my friends that this tree should probably be removed before it fell.

I TALKED about it.  I did not do anything about it.

Flash forward to the July 4th holiday week.  We were out of town on vacation, and I received a PIX-message showing the right beam laying on the ground parallel to my garden.  NO DAMAGE!!!

I came home and said, "We should really take the rest of this tree down.  That other beam will probably fall now."

I TALKED about it.  I did not do anything about it.

Flash forward to last weekend.  I was sitting in the Washington-Dulles airport traveling to Dayton, Ohio to teach the Financial Learning Experience, and guess what?  Phone call from Jenn saying, "Uhhhm …  The other part of that tree just fell down into the fence and into the neighbor's yard!"   ARGH!

Lesson taught again – Talk without action is mere babble!

I talk about this all of the time with finances!  Why didn't I take action with this tree?  As I think about it, here are some reasons that I stalled on cutting down this tree.

  • I don't have the appropriate tools – no chainsaw, no chipper, no stumpgrinder
  • I was hoping that it would fix itself
  • I really did not truly believe that the tree would fall right away – I believed it should stay in the air until I deemed that it should fall
  • Too busy – there are a lot more things I want to do than cut down a stupid tree

Maybe these are the same reasons that you have procrastinated fixing your finances.  You don't have the right tools, don't understand what to do, don't believe that you need to fix them right now, and you certainly have a lot of other things to do than work on your finances.

Keep delaying, and you may end up with a tree falling down … or worse.

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