Listen to your wife!

I am the type of person who just wants to make decisions. I want to do deals. I want to make it happen! I do not want to stand around and just think or talk about doing something.

A few years ago, when I was still loaded with debt, I was interested in purchasing a tract of land. I thought that being a landowner sounded really cool. I liked the ring of it. The fact was that I would not be the landowner, the bank would. I would really own a small portion of it – something like a small rug’s worth of the land would actually be owned by me. Even understanding that fact, I was ready to deal. I could taste it. I really wanted to do this deal.

There was just one problem. My wife, Jenn, did not feel right about the deal. Something was stirring in her that said this might not be a good idea. I was frustrated to even hear her speak anything but good about the deal, but she was persistent. I tried to convince her that this would be a good thing, but she still had “this feeling” that was not good.

I stalled. I delayed. I tried to convince her. Bottom Line: Deal was not what it first looked like. We did not do the deal. We learned a lot without having to spend any money.

Moral of the story: LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE! Even though it is not a popular thing for TV to promote, it really is a GREAT thing. Husbands, you will do well to listen to your bride!

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