Looking for help with the crusade …

In just nine months time, I have reached a point where I must have help with my crusade to help others with their personal finances.  God is flat-out ROCKING this ministry!

Let me roll some statistics your way.  In the past nine months …

  • I have completed 224 one-on-one personal finance counseling sessions
  • I have counseled 332 people in those 224 meetings!
  • I have taught the Financial Freedom Class 4 times
  • I have taught the Financial Learning Experience 6 times
  • I have spoke on Sundays at NewSpring 2 times
  • I have completed writing my first book

Overall – I have taught or counseled 1,411 people (1.41% of my five-year goal of 100,000 persons) in the past nine months!

The word that keeps repeating in the above paragraph is "I".  I have had help with the classes, but to this point it has been mostly the "Joe-Show".

The "Joe-Show" ceases its existence today.

I am currently developing "One-on-One Personal Finance Counseling" training.  It will be in-depth.  It will be challenging.  It needs you to be a part of it!

Do you possess the following characteristics?

  • A heart for helping others
  • A willingness to commit time to help others
  • A passion for helping others learn God's principles for money management
  • The ability to treat other's personal information in utmost confidence
  • A willingness to come to every training session
  • A tithing member of NewSpring Church
  • Willing to be interviewed
  • Living out God's principles for money management in your own life

If you do, I need your help in the crusade to help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible!

Please contact me HERE and let me know of your interest.

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