Make it equal ZERO!


Have you gotten this figured out yet? If you do not make your money obey this extremely simple formula, you will always be broke. Money will always run from you and not to you.

You can do it! Remember that OUTGO includes items like saving, giving, blow-it funds, and vacation funds. When you reach the point that your finances follow this formula, you will start to see financial success that you have never been able to enjoy!

The monthly budgeting session has become THE TIME that Jenn and I use to discuss our future plans. What are we saving for? Why are we saving for it? Where are we headed short-term? Long-term? What are the mid-stream corrections we need to make to ensure that we get where we want to go?

We just completed our budget. Guess what it equals? EXACTLY ZERO!!! It took about 30 minutes to complete. It works very well. Why? Because we agreed long ago to make it a priority, we agreed to follow the budget as it is written, and we both know why we are doing it.

I love budgeting!!! Go ahead and say it – I am a NERD!!! But as the title of my page states: “I was broke. Now, I’m not!!!”

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