Managing personal finances is not for sissies

Like anything worth doing, management of your personal finances takes effort. It takes time. It takes knowledge. It takes want-to. It takes motivation. It also takes HOPE.

If you are like 70% of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck and have NO extra money in savings, it takes a lot of effort just to make the decision to do something different.

I must say, it amazes me how many people will not change their financial behavior simply because of the amount of effort it will take to get their financial affairs in order. They would rather live a life that is tied to money, being in debt, and the stresses related to paycheck-to-paycheck living than expend the effort necessary to win with their finances.

I believe that each person possesses the capability get their financial house in order. I believe that each one can learn how to manage their finances successfully.

Are you willing to expend the effort to turn your financial house around? To make it better? Or are you going to put up with paycheck-to-paycheck living because it is “just too hard”?

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