Marathon Training Is Like … Budgeting

As I train to run my second marathon, I get to think a lot.  Not surprisingly, I think a lot about this crusade to help others with their personal finances.  There is something about running for hours at a time to help narrow in one's thoughts on a particular subject.

With that, I am starting a series called "Marathon Training Is Like …"

This should be fun. 

Marathon Training Is Like … BUDGETING

I follow a marathon training plan from  I used a plan from Hal's web site back in 2006 when training for my first marathon, and it worked very well.  (By the way – Hal has training plans for all lengths of races and all levels of runners.)

This plan that I am following has several "short" runs during the week and a long run on the weekend.

Today was the day for my weekly long run, but I am in Illinois staying at a hotel.  It was a beautiful day, so I went out and started running.  I ended up finding a good loop that took me about six minutes to run.

I needed to run six miles today, so I decided to run ten of the six minute laps.

Here is how marathon training is like BUDGETING – I wanted to quit three laps in to it, and it was so EASY to quit.  I mean, each lap brought me right back past the entrance to the hotel I am staying at!  I just wanted to STOP.   I had lots of excuses …

  • I could run more next week (I could put off budgeting until next month)
  • It was too hard (Budgeting is too hard)
  • I don't have to run the marathon (I'm OK with my dreams being delayed or canceled)
  • I'm thirsty and I want water (I want to go out to eat – who cares if there is no money)
  • No one else is running (I don't know anyone else who is budgeting their money)

In the end, I made the CHOICE to keep running.  I finished in an excellent time and now I get to enjoy the personal accomplishment, the health benefits, and I am another step closer to smashing my two brothers in the January 2009 Chevron Houston Marathon.

Because Jenn and I make the CHOICE every month to plan our spending with a monthly budget AND we CHOOSE to follow that plan, we are able to accomplish our plans, hopes, and dreams!

So can you!

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  1. Writer's Coin on October 13, 2008 at 3:57 am

    Did you watch/run the Chicago marathon? I’m curious to see what future posts on this subject look like because I wrote a guest post about running and personal finance. I’m training for Saturday’s Urbanathlon here in Chicago.

  2. Mike on October 13, 2008 at 6:15 pm

    Smashing your brothers is not very nice !!!
    You have to give me a little for age bro.


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