Marching To Financial Freedom

I have noticed several bloggers have been writing about their journeys toward financial freedom, and it FIRES ME UP!

You should read some of them (but only if you want to get really fired up about taking your next steps toward financial freedom).

  • Lori writes about the financial struggles she and her husband have shared (and defeated).  Reading her post about it messed me up!  You can read it HERE.
  • Michael has started his journey and is pumped.  You can read several of his posts about it HERE.  I met Michael at Catalyst 08, and I will be speaking at his church in April.  Love what is going on up in Virginia.
  • I read THIS POST by Dan back in July, and it also messed me up!  He has written several posts about his family's journey since.  You can read many of them by clicking HERE.

How is the story of YOUR journey to financial freedom being written?

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