Maybe This Is Your Financial Miracle

“Stop it.”

Maybe that is the financial miracle that you need.

Not another book or another seminar.

Not more income or a better job.

Not for your spouse to magically change their financial behavior.

Maybe the financial miracle you are praying for begins by applying these two words: “Stop it.”

NOTE: Variants of these words can also be used: “NO!”, “Not now!”, “Wait.”, or “Some day.” are viable options.

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  1. Gail Parmentier on August 30, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Joe, I know you wrote this the other day, but I’m just reading it today. WOW! How timely for me. My husband was just hired on permanent at his job at the end of June. After almost 4 years of being a contract(temporary) worker he now has the job. IT IS GREAT!! We are thankful God has sustained us. BUT… now we went from robbing Peter to pay Paul on a weekly basis to we are now making enough money to pay ALL of our bills monthly. So we were getting paid weekly, now monthly. However with new found money it has been so easy to say, “Oh sure, we can do that or this.” I’ve now found myself with 2 weeks left until we get paid again & less than $80 for groceries for the next 2 weeks. RUT-ROH! I am praying 5 loaves & 2 fish & I know our Father God will sustain us, yet again, but I need to learn how to say NO! I have been budgeting & setting money aside, yet, obviously not well enough…. I guess a)I needed to hear what you wrote, b)I need to figure out how to tweak our budget a bit more.
    Thank you for ALL you do! To God be the glory!!!

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