Memorial Day – A Time For Remembrance

Today is Memorial Day. A day set aside to remember and reflect upon the tremendous sacrifice made by men and women who have given their lives that others might be free. They gave their lives. Their families reeled with the ongoing impact.

The son who never met his father.

The mother who was denied the opportunity to hug her daughter ever again.

The fiancé who wasn’t able to celebrate her wedding day.

My young great-aunt who lost her husband of only a year or so in WW II and went on to have no children.

Does America have problems? Absolutely.
Will we always have problems? Absolutely.
Do I love my country. Absolutely.
Do I love, honor, and respect those who have sacrificed and are sacrificing to protect it? Absolutely.

On this Memorial Day, take a moment to thank a soldier, sailor, airman, and marine. They have chosen voluntarily to stand ready.

I’m grateful.

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