Memorial Day – Things I Am Remembering Today

1.  My high school classmate and next-door neighbor, Jeremy Wright, who served in the military and lost his life in Afghanistan when his vehicle encountered an IED.  He is the best athlete I have ever known – by far the best runner I have ever seen.  He is only athlete to have an individual photo placed on the wall of athletic achievements at our high school.

2.  My great uncle, Paul A. Barmann, who was killed in action during WW II.  He was married to my great aunt, Aunt La, for only one year when he lost his life.

3.  My great uncle, Uncle Bud, who was in Pearl Harbor when his ship was attacked as part of the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941.

4.  The Indy 500 which takes place every single Sunday before Memorial Day (unless it rains!).  Most race days would entail us going to church, going to KFC for a bucket of chicken, and then going to the park to listen to the 500 on the radio.  Awesome memories for a boy from central Indiana!

5.  My twin brother, John, who served in the US Army and completed a tour through Korea and my fourth brother, Keith, who also served in the US Army.

6.  How awesome my country is!  I can pursue my God-given dreams!  So can you!

7.  How awesome family is!  I have a great family.  We are as disfunctional as your family and have a blast every time we get together!

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  1. Paul Moyer on May 28, 2007 at 6:48 am

    I am thankful for all my family members who served in the military (atleast one during every american war). Especially my older brother who served during the first gulf war and during the current War on Terror, My Father who served during Vietnam, my great uncle who served during Korea, and My Grandfather who served during WWII.

    I am proud to say I come from a family who loves and supports our military and the families that sacrifice their time and lives for our contry. May God Bless every Veteran.


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