MONEY LIE: I Can’t Give Money Away and Still Make It Financially

Welcome to the “Money Lies” series here on the wildly popular In this series, I will be sharing many common money lies that people believe.

MONEY LIE #6: I can’t give money away and still make it financially.

Yes. You. Can. I’m convinced that my giving keeps me from becoming greedy and a “Me. Me. Me!” person. When my bride and I prepare our monthly budget, we put giving in our budget first. We give far more than 10% of our gross income away. It is our passion to invest in our church and in others. We love helping fund the dreams of others and investing in life change. There was a time when we were broke that we didn’t give much away. Since we weren’t giving and we were broke, we decided to do something different: we began giving – even though we were broke.

It completely transformed our life.

Giving connected us to the fact that we could partner with others to accomplish great things and to fund causes we fiercely believed in. It allowed us to be part of something much greater than ourselves. It made us keenly aware of the need to manage the remainder of our money in a trustworthy manner – or else we couldn’t continue giving!

If you’ve never given, I urge you to begin right away (like NOW!). Here are some practical ways to GIVE and still prosper:

  1. Prepare a written monthly budget and put giving in FIRST (not last).  If you wait to see if something will be left, there never will be anything remaining. It must be a priority.
  2. Determine WHY you are giving.  If you are giving because someone made you feel guilty, your commitment to giving won’t last. You have to KNOW why you are giving – and BELIEVE in what you are giving toward.
  3. Put Giving FIRST and Saving/Investing SECOND.  This is how Jenn and I manage our budget. It ensures that our priorities are always funded before anything else. By the way, we view our saving/investing as a means to give BIG-TIME in the future.

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