Money Saving Ideas

More money saving ideas, courtesy …

1.  Gardener? Talk to friends/family about possibly obtaining some bulbs/divisions/corms/tubers of perennials.  Free flowers are awesome!  I have obtained surprise lilies, day lilies, dianthus, coral bells, rudbeckia, iris, and other AWESOME plants for FREE.  I love FREE.  Anyone have any? Smile


2.  Seek out a cash-only, no insurance doctor.  You will pay 1/2 of what you would to a doctor who participates in insurance programs.  Why?  Because a doctor who deals with insurance needs at least two full-time people to chase insurance companies and payments.  You will feel better knowing that you have prepaid your bill, got a better deal, AND did not have to deal with the insurance company.

3.   Buy a used car that is 2 to 4 years old.  Most of the sharp depreciation in value is done by year 3 and when you lay down CASH for the purchase (remember – no debt!) you will get a better deal!  There is something about seeing 100 $100 bills laying down on the hood of a car that makes a car dealer or individual sell a $12,000 car for $10,000.  Try it!

Hey, I used to not negotiate anything, but I was B-R-O-K-E!  No longer!


  1. jane muir on March 22, 2007 at 10:59 am

    I have Canna Bulbs for ALLL that want them!!! Seriously. These things are like RABBITS! You put one in the ground, put miracle grow on them once, the rain comes down, the sun comes out, and next year you have 20-50 bulbs!

    AND…. in the south we do not have to dig them in the fall…. my mother in Ohio LOVES the fact that she has unlimited Canna bulbs from me now!

    The are the type that are green leafed, red plumb like flowers (old fashioned style), and they will get to be over 6 foot easily if ample amount of rain falls that season.

    If you pay the shipping, I will ship them to you! e-mail me at if you want some! If you attend NS, or are in the Anderson/Greenville area, we don’t have to ship them!

  2. Kevin on March 24, 2007 at 3:27 pm

    Dear Joe,
    You have made several posts on this site that suggest the only way to judge the quality of a physician is whether or not they will negotiate the price of the office visit. If only the process were as simple a you would like! A physician’s hands are a little tied. The charge must be the same for all patients, based on the level of the acuity of the visit. There are laws that regulate this. Failure to do so can be construed as medicare/insurance fraud. Prison time is not to appealing to me. How about you? Also, I think that one should seek out a physician with whom you feel comfortable, with whom you can communicate freely, and who is competent. Do they know their stuff? Can they get me to someone else if I need it? Getting “half off” is great for shoes, but my health means a lot more.

    Don’t believe me…ask Lucretia….she knows how it truly is too!

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