More Thoughts On Catalyst

The Catalyst main sessions on Thursday and Friday were incredible.  Here are some key points I took away.

Andy Stanley – Leader of North Point Community Church – Atlanta, GA

  • The people who influence the most are those who have no authority over us
  • Moral Authority is when there is alignment with what you SAY you believe and what you actually DO
  • Our moral authority is of incredible value
  • Prioritize the role only I can play over the role that others can play (From Andy's book Choosing To Cheat)
  • I love the fact that Andy is building a legacy by continuing to challenge his own self to grow.

William Paul Young – Author of The Shack

  • A story written to his children that has taken on a life of its own
  • I love hearing stories of how a "nobody" becomes "somebody" just because they were doing something they were passionate about

Jim Collins – Author of Good To Great

  • Jim said, "I am passionate to be here today with you."
  • You will find a culture of discipline in a great organization.  You will not find it in good organizations
  • Most overnight successes are the product of twenty years of effort
  • Overreaching is the number one reason that once great companies fail
  • Signature characteristic of Level 5 Great Leaders is humility
  • You can download a FREE copy of the Good To Great Diagnostic Tool HERE
  • Work is infinite.  Time is finite.  The appetite for work is a prescription for a nervous breakdown.
  • The nerd engineer in me LOVES the fact-driven, research-based approach.

Brenda Salter McNeil – Leader of Salter McNeil & Associates

  • Author of Credible Witness
  • The Church was always intended to be multi-ethnic AND global!
  • I loved Brenda's energy and passion for her calling

Steven Furtick – Pastor of Elevation Church

  • I Kings 18 – How to keep a hold on your vision when there is nothing there!
  • The time between the PROMISE and the PAY-OFF is a refining process
  • Steven Furtick's message was most impactful to me.  I know what the PROMISE is, and I am so PUMPED that I can actually see the PAY-OFF coming to pass!  This crusade has experienced explosive growth, and what is coming next is going to take this thing to an entirely new level!

Seth Godin – Thinker, Blogger, Author

  • Tribes matter.  Everyone belongs to a tribe.
  • People ask two questions: "Who else is going to be there?" and "Who is going to lead us?"
  • We all lead a tribe
  • It is all about leading – not controlling
  • He said a statement that I am still trying to figure out.  He said, "A dumpy version of K-Mart."  I can't even fathom what a dumpy version of K-Mart looks like!
  • At the end of the session, Seth gave away a copy of his latest book, Tribes, to every person who attended Catalyst (around 12,000!).

Craig Groeschel – Founder and Senior Pastor of

  • Talked about "IT" a lot
  • Ruin me.  Heal me.  Stretch me.
  • If you have lost "IT", you have to do something drastic.
  • Wrote a book called It
  • About halfway through Craig's message, I noticed that at least 1/8 of the entire audience was crying.  They knew what it was like to be in the zone and have "it", but they have lost "it".  It has been a long time since I have seen a message impact that large of a crowd in such a personal way.

I am saving an entire post to reflect on my hero's talk – Dave Ramsey himself.

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  1. Susan Arredondo on October 18, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    I am really looking forward to the Dave Ramsey post!!

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