Mr. Pursuit of Unrealistic Goals

Some people believe that I have too much energy and enthusiasm.  They believe that I am quixotic – so much so that a group of folks created a desk nameplate that says "Mr. Quixotic" and provided me a printed definition of the word "Caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; idealistic without regard to practicality".

I would agree that I am idealistic.  I do get caught up in helping others win with their money.  I do believe in people!

Here is the part of the definition that I take major exception with – the pursuit of unreachable goals

I am here to tell you that the God-given goals that I have are not unreachable!  I do believe that everyone who sets their focus on becoming debt-free CAN become debt-free!  I KNOW that those who set their attention to providing a more stable financial situation for their family WILL be able to do so!

Whenever I provide financial counseling for someone (hundreds per year), my goal is to show them two things (1) There is a better way, and (2) exactly what that way is as it pertains to their situation.  Each person who has debt leaves with their own Debt Freedom Date calculated.  Each person who does not have a working monthly spending plan leaves with a plan that starts immediately and carries for at least the next month (start your own budget spending plan HERE).

What do I do when someone falls off of the wagon?  I mourn for them.  I am saddened by the fact that they won't achieve financial freedom.  BUT, when they are ready to try again, I have an excellent wagon stapler in the office and we will meet together to get them back on the wagon.

At the end of each day, I clearly know that I am doing exactly what I was put on earth to do!  I KNOW that lives were impacted for the better.  I KNOW that skills and tools were taught that will change lives!

So call me Mr. Quixotic if you wish.  I won't hear it, as I am out here in the arena, knee-deep in the messiness of life and finances, helping all that I can hear a message of hope and freedom.


  1. Our Debt on October 29, 2007 at 8:07 am


    If I had only met you 5 years ago I would probably not not have 12k credit debt!!

    Keep spreading the word!

  2. Karen on October 29, 2007 at 9:23 am


    You are a God send and we appreciate you more than you know. Keep on teaching those “reachable goals”!! You are making a difference in many lives, families and marriages. You’re THE Man!!

    Karen & Garry

  3. Saving Freak on October 29, 2007 at 5:29 pm

    If I could get a picture of Joe Sangl sporting a pointy goatee, holding a lance, and standing in front of a wind mill I would be a happy man.

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