Mule Invited To Kentucky Derby

Last week, I was a mule invited to the Kentucky Derby.

I was able to participate in a podcast organized by Ben Stroupe, Chief Broker of OpportunityLifeWay (I like the title!).  Participating in the conversation was Patrick Johnson, VP of Strategic Partners and Church Services with National Christian Foundation, Bret Robbe, director of leadership and adult ministry publishing with LifeWay Church Resources, and Ashley Clayton, associate VP for stewardship with the Executive Committee of the SBC to answer the question: How can pastors lead their churches through tough economic times?

It was great to be able to talk about the subject with some guys who have so much wisdom to share.

You can check out the podcast HERE

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  1. jane on November 18, 2008 at 8:52 am

    I don’t think you would be a mule at all…you are living the passion that Jesus gave for you, allowing Jesus to rock the lives of MANY. nope, not a mule in my book.

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