New Series Starting Tommorrow (and other news)

A new series will be appearing on tomorrow.  It is called "YOU Answer The Question."  It should be a blast, and I hope that you will participate!

Other news 

  • The comments for the Debt Freedom Marches this month were great!  Thanks for being so supportive of these three couples who are sharing with the world their own successes and struggles as they march toward financial freedom.
  • I ordered more copies of I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. last Thursday.  I cannot believe what has happened with this book.  To all who have purchased a copy, I am so grateful!  It is my goal to have taught 100,000 people by October 2011.  I count each copy sold as a person taught.  It is my passion to help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.  This book is just one avenue that allows me to do this!
  • The I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. Home Group Study is progressing well!  I am so PUMPED about this study because it allows folks to go through the book and APPLY this stuff with the people that they are doing life with.  That is where real life change can happen!  We are still on target for a release of this material by the end of July.
  • This crusade to help others with their personal finances is jumping to an entirely new level.  Look for some substantial improvements to show up around over the next few months.  I am open to any suggestions for improvement ideas!

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