NEXT STEPS – A New Part Of The Crusade – Part 4

I am PUMPED about Next Steps, the newest division of IWBNIN.  In this series, I will be sharing different components of this division which is solely focused on providing practical next steps toward financial freedom.

Eliminate Debt

The Eliminate Debt section was developed to help folks develop a plan that will allow them to become 100% debt-free.  I was in debt up to my eyeballs, and my bride and I made a commitment in December 2002 to rid ourselves of debt.  In just fourteen months, we became debt-free except for the house and are now well on our way to eliminating the mortgage!

You can become debt-free too, and the Eliminate Debt section was prepared especially for you.

Here are the pages located in the Eliminate Debt section.

  • Debt Freedom Date  This page is focused on helping you understand your debt situation.  There are links to obtain your free credit report (it truly is FREE), calculate your debt freedom date, calculate the actual cost of your debt, and an early pay-off calculator.
  • 0% Interest Balance-Transfer Credit Cards  I am not a fan of credit cards at all, but if you are carrying a balance and paying interest – why not surf the balance to a 0% card?  That way ALL of your payment is applied toward the debt!  We have searched the internet to find cards that charge a minimal transfer fee, but allow you to transfer the balance and pay 0% interest for an entire year.  There are even a few cards that allow you to transfer the balance with no transfer fee.
  • Debt Pay-Off Spectaculars  Yes, these are also located in the Free Tools section, but for your convenience we have also located the page in the Eliminate Debt section.

Back when I was swimming in debt, I asked myself the two following questions that changed my life forever.

  • "How much do I pay each month to debt?"
  • "What else could I do with this money?"

Use the Next Steps' Eliminate Debt section to get started on your own Debt Freedom March!

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