NO Equals YES

It is hard to be told the word, “No!”   Just observe your children when you utter this word to them!

As hard as it is to be told, “No!”, it is even harder to say this word to ourselves.   After all, don’t we know what is best for us?

Let me tell in on a big secret:

NO actually means YES

When you tell yourself NO right now, you enable yourself to say YES to something more important in the future.


  • Saying NO to another video game purchase allows you to say YES to funding their college fund
  • Saying NO to a new car now allows you to say YES to funding your retirement account
  • Saying NO to a little vacation now allows you to say YES to funding a dream vacation later
  • Saying NO to a kitchen upgrade allows you to say YES to giving money to a worthy cause
  • Saying NO to debt now allows you to say YES to pursuing a dream job even though it pays less right now

See?   NO equals YES!

Have you ever said NO (even when it was hard to do so) and it allowed you to say YES later to something more important?   Share your story in the comments!

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  1. Mark on April 28, 2011 at 8:37 am

    I still don’t have a Cadillac Escalade do I? 🙂
    There are too many more important things. I would rather retire some day and not depend on social non-security. I would rather have something saved for my kids to get their start either in college or business or maybe even help with their first house…

    I do believe there is a balance we must find between NOW and NO to maintain peace and sanity while pursuing our long term goals. But saying NO when it isn’t easy is something we have to learn to do.

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