No Means Yes

I’ve written about this previously, but I feel it is exceptionally important to review it again as we enter in the Christmas season.

If you are highly focused on improving your financial situation, it can mean that the amount of money you have available for Christmas spending is greatly reduced.  This means that you might have to use the word that all parents dread saying to their children – especially at Christmas – the word “NO.”

It is exceptionally difficult UNLESS you understand that saying NO right now will enable you to say YES to something far more important in the future!  You see, saying NO right now provides you with incredible teaching moments for your children.  When they ask “WHY?”, you get to have a great conversation with them.  The conversation might go something like this:

CHILD: I want an iPod Touch for Christmas.


CHILD: Why not?

YOU: Because this year, Mommy and Daddy are focusing on getting our finances in order.


YOU: Because we want to be able to say “YES” more in the future.  If we don’t say “NO” right now, it will be very difficult for us to ever say “YES” in the future to more important things.  You see, by us saying “NO” right now, it is going to allow us to say “YES” to paying for your college education.

Do you see it?  Do you really see it?

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