Obtaining Financial Freedom is EZ!

Obtaining Financial Freedom is EZ!  It is so simple to achieve it.

Here is how you accomplish Financial Freedom!

Income – Outgo = Exactly Zero

Let's shorten it a bit.

I – O = EZ

See?  I told you that obtaining Financial Freedom is EZ!

Is I – O = NEGATIVE?  Sell some stuff!  Get rid of the car!  Cut off the home phone (you use your cell phone for everything anyway)!  Get rid of cable!  Sell the boat!  Work your way through college!  Acquire a new skill set!  Sell the four-wheeler!  Get rid of the subscription to magazine!  Cancel the golf club membership!

I – O = EZ!

Think I'm crazy?  Maybe so, BUT I AM NOT B-R-O-K-E ANYMORE!!!

You can wander around thinking you can just eventually, kinda-sorta, "maybe someday when I win the lottery", trip and fall into debt freedom and financial freedom.  Go ahead and try that!  I like the tried and true method of "I made the hard decisions long ago like "using my money to pay off debt instead of really nice vacations" so that NOW I can make the hard decisions like "which vacation should I go on".

I – O = EZ

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  1. Rich Brott on May 1, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    I agree with your lottery comment.

    I believe that God’s ways are not about windfall income like the lottery. His ways are about thriftiness, staying out of debt, working hard and serving Him.

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