Organization – Got to have it!

Have you ever had a "THIS PLACE HAS GOT TO BE CLEANED UP OR ELSE" moment?  My bride has this moment quite regularly around our house!

Jenn is a total neat-freak.  It has to be in order.  If I lay my glass of sweet tea (I am in the South) down for 3 seconds, it is whisked away to the dishwasher whether I was finished or not.  If an important piece of paper is put out on the table, it will be filed within 4 seconds, whether I wanted it filed or not.

Jenn is organized.  She sees "clean" and "organized" at a level I can not seem to be able to see EXCEPT when it comes to our family finances.  I have three-ring binders – three of them to be exact.  They have been neatly titled – Investing I, Investing II, and Medical.  Within each of them, all of our investing and medical records are neatly organized in chronological order.  I can't stand to see this information disorganized!

Financial organization is so key to winning with money.  Here are some characteristics of well-organized finances:

  • Balanced checkbook
  • Able to obtain an important financial document within 60 seconds of request
  • A spending plan for your money BEFORE the month begins – Remember that it is EZ!
  • Husband and wife are both "in the know" of each account and the family's financial condition
  • A central location for all incoming bills to be placed
  • Clear responsibility defined for who is actually going to be writing the checks/setting up the draft/bill-pay service for each bill

Here are some signs that you are NOT organized well with your finances:

  • Bills are unopened for 3 or 4 months
  • No idea of the checking account balance
  • 16 bounced checks in one month
  • Confused as to what that bill named "NSF" is that keeps showing up in the account
  • One or both spouses has checked out of the game financially
  • It takes you 31 hours to obtain an important financial document
  • Incoming bills are placed in the trash can

GET ORGANIZED – It will help you take your finances to the next level!

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