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I love Microsoft Money!

May 10, 2006

How do you manage your finances? In my journey to better manage my finances, I have followed a path that took me from virtually no management at all to detailed management. I started out by trying to keep a running balance in my head and ensuring that I had a cash buffer in my checking…

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Personal Finances are less talked about than sex

May 9, 2006

Read it for yourself. When you hear facts like “the number one cause of divorce is disagreement over finances” or “money fights” or “he/she spends all of our money”, you may not think about the fact that personal finances are also less talked about than sex. You don’t believe me? Let’s think about why this…

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May 7, 2006

I have always viewed bankruptcy as a disinterested party. It is true that bankruptcies have reached all-time highs. There are always huge companies filing for bankruptcy protection (Enron; most of the airlines; most of the suppliers to GM and Ford). Over the past year, a series of circumstances have really opened my eyes to how…

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Are you paying it forward?

May 3, 2006

You have had success! You have achieved financial peace. Debt is no longer a part of your life or it is rapidly becoming extinct. The house payment is gone or it is close to leaving. All of your other debts are paid off. You have a budget that is working. The retirement fund is growing.…

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Are you ready?

May 2, 2006

So I just got back from the wake of a family member we lost unexpectedly. Fifty years young. Game over. Do you have a plan? Are you ready? Will those who rely on you be able to continue without you? One HUGE way to ensure that your family can continue on without major life changes…

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It is important to know these facts

April 30, 2006

Mortgage Interest If you have a mortgage for $150,000 at 6% interest and it takes you 30 years to pay off, you will pay a total of $173,757 in interest. If you instead pay off that same mortgage in 5 years, you will pay a total of $23,995 in interest. By paying off the mortgage…

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About Joe

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Joe is a leading teacher of personal finances. It is his passion to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.

He is the founder of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not., the president and CEO of INJOY Stewardship Solutions, and Co-Founder of Fully Funded.

Joe is a graduate of Purdue University (BS Mechanical Engineering) and Clemson University (MBA). He is the author of several books and has been featured in Money Magazine. He has been privileged to share his passion with hundreds of thousands of people throughout North America through Financial Learning Experiences, personal finance messages and one-on-one financial coaching sessions.