Pain of Same > Pain of Change

You will change your behavior when the Pain of Same becomes greater than the Pain of Change.

I see people in my office occasionally who believe that they will be able to continue to behave the same way and achieve a different result financially.

"Joe, I want to spend $200/month at restaurants, $600/month at the grocery store, $150/month on cell phone bills, $150/month on cable, $800/month on car payments, and $1,300/month on house payments, but we really want to win financially."

"OK.  Spend $50/month at restaurants, $350/month at the grocery store, go to one cell phone and save $75, go to basic cable and save $100/month, sell the cars and reduce your payments by at least $600/month, sell the house and buy one that you can afford and save $500/month."

Joe, you are crazy!!!  Me?  Change?  If you do what I have suggested, you will save  $1,675!  Life WILL be different.  The beater vehicle WILL drive different.  The smaller house WILL be different.  Guess what?  You will save $1,675/month!!!

You can now give money away and you can save for college, retirement, and your dreams.

When will the Pain of Same become greater than the Pain of Change for you?

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