Personal Finance Art Contest

For our eleventh anniversary, Jenn and I visited the High Art Museum in Atlanta, GA.  It was very nice, and it inspired me to practice my outstanding art skills.

The theme of my drawing is "Sangl's Finances Sketched In Still Life".  Click on the picture to admire a larger version.

I am so inspired by drawing this "instant masterpiece" that I want to host a "Personal Finance Art Contest".  The theme is "Finances In Still Life".  Below are the rules, and I can't wait to see the capabilities of the audience!


  • Joe can change the rules at any time.
  • All submitted art will be prepared in a blog post and voted on by readers.
  • The winner will be awarded a prize pack which includes:
  • All art must be submitted to by July 11.
  • Joe has the right to use your art as long artist credit is provided.

If I am lucky, AVCLUB will participate.

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  1. […] am proud to announce that L.R. was the winner of the Personal Finance Art Contest!  You can click on the artwork below to see a full-size […]

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