Phrases That Americans Like To Hear – So Marketers Use Them

I have been observing advertising a lot lately to see what words marketers are using these days to get their hooks into our wallets.  I know they do a lot of research to find out the "sticky" words that will resonate with a potential customer and move to become a real money paying customer.

Surprise.  They are using words we like to hear.  Here are some of them.

"Save $20 on purchases of $50 or more."

  • I have never saved money by spending money.  Ever.  I have spent less, but I have never seen my savings account balance go up when I purchased something.

"Save 15% on purchases of $125 or more."

  • Comes complete with an asterisk that says "restrictions apply" (that is a nice GOTCHA!)

"Buy today and save $50!"

  • The word "SAVE" has to be the most repeated word in sales …  I guess that it helps us with buyer's remorse.

"$1 Sale!" or "Dollar Days"

  • We apparently like anything that costs a dollar.

"Buy A Linen Grocery Bag – Save The Planet"

  • I have saved the planet three times because we now have three of these bags.  Too bad we forget them at home at least half of the time.

I also saw the words "Deals", "Spend Less", "Free Shipping", "Smart Prices", "Easy", and "Budget".

My favorite line I have seen recently is …

Buy a bundle.  Save a bundle.

What words have you seen marketers using lately?  Anything new?

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  1. Mark on July 17, 2009 at 3:47 am

    You are speaking language I deal with every day brother Sangl 🙂

    Two you didn’t mention that everyone is either beginning to be bombarded with or will be bombarded with soon:


    The tax one in particular… It is amazing what people spend over and above the school supplies really needed just because of no sales tax – the equivalent of “Spend Hundreds Save 6%”. Brilliant advertising. Not so brilliant consuming.

    If there are days of the year where it is MORE important to make a list before shopping it is not only Christmas shopping days but SALES TAX HOLIDAYS. Make a list – prevent overspending.

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