Phrases that will KILL your plans for achieving financial freedom

"I am so stupid, I will never be able to do that."

"I do not make enough money to win financially."

"My spouse will never do this with me."

"You just don't understand what has happened to me in the past."

"I can't live without my car."

"I needed it." (an obvious WANT)

"I don't want to seem like a nerd."

"My family will think that I am wierd."

Guess what?  You CAN do it!  I would point toward your current financial condition and ask Dr. Phil's question, "What you have been doing …  How's that working for you"

I KNOW that every single person on this earth can have financial freedom.  I KNOW that there is ENOUGH for everyone.  You CAN do this – especially if you live in the richest country on the planet.  All it takes is you!

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