Practicality: adj. adapted or designed for actual use; useful

How long does it take for you to determine that something is practical?

I remember a time when I burned some photo files to a CD to take to Wal-Mart for developing. When I got to Wal-Mart, the photo machine would not recognize the files because the disk had not been “finalized”. Now, I am not sure why a disk needs to be “finalized”, but I was VERY IRKED that I could not print my photos. As I have dealt with burning CDs, I have determined that they really are not very practical. They are very susceptible to scratching. They have lots of format types.

To put it simply, burning CDs sucks.

Why do I say this? It is not very practical!!! It fails to produce the expected results regularly!!! AND I have found a better way. I LOVE my memory stick. USB plug and play. Holds a ton of files and is very user friendly. It is more practical.

When it comes to finances, people want practicality. They do not want to hear about a financial tool that works some of the time. They want to hear about a financial tool that works all of the time.

My goal is to create and design financial tools that work ALL OF THE TIME.

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