Process Trumps Determination


I’m a formally trained engineer. My Purdue University degree stating “Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering” provides confirmation of it.

I’m a formally trained business. The Clemson University degree stating “Masters in Business Administration” provides confirmation of it.

These two pieces of paper are the result of a process.

No amount of determination would have provided the results that the Purdue University and Clemson University processes afforded me.

In my work, both as a working engineer and now as business owner, I have come to clearly understand that “process trumps determination.”

I have run two 26.2 mile marathons – one in San Diego, CA and the other in Houston, TX. Both of these accomplishments happened because of a process. I used the marathon training plans offered by Hal Higdon. Absent of the process, no amount of determination would have prepared me for running 26.2 miles at one time.

The same is true for your money. You may be determined to win with money, but without a process to help you take each step, your financial progress will languish.

“Process trumps Determination”

Do you have a process that is helping you win with your money?

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  1. Larry Poole on August 12, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    Looking forward to joining this call & learning from you Joe. Keep up the good work.

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