Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts rattling around in my brain right now …

  • Maybe I should stop paying my bills and demand a bail-out.  It seems like everyone else is!
  • People with zero debt, a written spending plan, and a fully-funded emergency fund are able to survive down markets.
  • I am glad I have an emergency fund.
  • I am glad that I get to participate in life changing work every day that helps folks win with their money.
  • My Indianapolis Colts have righted the ship and are steaming into the playoffs.
  • My Purdue Boilermakers have sunk their ship and are steaming into …  well … the off season.
  • I am ready to shop for Christmas!
  • I want to hire a full-time financial counselor who will provide on-line financial counseling for folks who have attended an event that I have taught.
  • I am PUMPED about the Financial Counselor Training that will take place this coming Saturday!
  • The largest Swagbuck I have earned is 5.  Has anyone earned a megaSwagbuck?  (If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks you can HERE.)
  • I am ready to start my spring garden again and winter has not really even started yet!!!  ARGH!
  • The Thanksgiving turkey and duck that my mother prepares have been calling my name.  I am ready for the eats!  NO ONE prepares a Thanksgiving Feast like my Mom.

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