To better understand anything, it is always very helpful to read some books about it. For personal finances, it is no different. I recommend that you read at least 4 books a year about personal finances. I do understand that I am a nerd about this subject, but I believe that if you want to free yourself up to focus on your life’s true passions, you need to be financially free. You will not just trip one day and become financially free. It requires continuous learning, a written plan (your budget), stated goals, and mutual commitment with your spouse to achieve them.

Reading books is a great way to learn! It helps to expand your knowledge about personal finances. It enables you to review case studies of others who have had different life circumstances. It challenges your paradigms.

If you are looking for books that have helped shape my personal finances, here they are. Happy reading!

The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton
– I read this book when I was twelve. Great book that really drives home compound interest!

Financial Peace, Revisited by Dave Ramsey
– Practical guide to becoming debt-free complete with the tools/worksheets necessary to achieve it!

The CashFlow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
– Makes you want to run out and start a business!

The Bible by God
– Makes you want to use your financial freedom to help the poor and less fortunate and reach the lost!

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