Record Powerball Lottery

As I write this post, a record Powerball lottery drawing is getting ready to be held. The jackpot drawing is estimated to be $550 million. After paying taxes, the winner(s) will receive only an estimated $360.2 million.

Thinking about being handed a huge amount of money, people begin to dream.

  • If I had that sort of money, I would do …
  • I would go …
  • I would give …
  • I would quit my job.
  • I would never work again.

Many people believe that things would be different “if they were rich”. I have found that money only magnifies who you really are. I have heard many people say that they would be very generous if they were rich, but they aren’t giving any money away in their current circumstances. Their lack of generosity would not change much even if they gained substantial money. On the other hand, if one currently lives a life of generosity, that person would also be very generous should they gain tremendous wealth.

Want evidence? Just look at the lives of famous people – actors, athletes, and highly compensated business people. Money only AMPLIFIES who they were before they achieved wealth.

If you want to be an awesomely great rich person, be a great person on your way to building your wealth!

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