RESPONSES – $10,000

Last week, I asked the question

"If you were given $10,000, what would you do with it?"


Apparently, nearly all of my readers are in the giving mood – nearly everyone said they would tithe (give 10% or more of it away).

Paul Moyer said that he would SPEND IT ALL to SHOCK US ALL!  He then played nice and talked about how he would use it for the emergency fund and upgrading his house.  Folks – this Paul dude needs to start a blog.  He has money saving ideas that will blow your mind!

Jon Smock talks about how he would take a "killer honeymoon"!

Moneymonk teaches us all a lesson about how we still need to have SOME fun with our money!

Lastly, Rich Brott (personal finance guru, writer of MANY personal finance books, and blogger) says that he would give it all to me for my "Life" that is happening.  More on the "Life" thing TOMORROW!

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  1. jane on June 18, 2007 at 8:06 am

    joe…. I CAN’T wait till TOMORROW! You are just teasing us so that we will come back day after day to your blog! lol!

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