Saving Money?

“I saved $3,000 when I bought this new car!”

“I saved $250 when I bought this new TV!”

“I saved $200 when I bought this new computer!”

I am sure that you have heard people say this.  You have probably said this.  I know that I used to say this a lot!

The FACT is that – I have never seen anyone save money by spending money!

I have seen them spend less money, but I have never seen them save money.

People want to believe that they are getting a great deal, AND they know that they should be saving money.  Marketers are genius to use the phrase “Save money by buying today!”

I will probably use this phrase when my book is released.  I will say … “Save $3 by purchasing today!”  Smile

I guess there is one way to kill my statement.  That is to take the money that you did not spend and actually save it!!!  Like physically putting the money into a savings account where it can gain interest.  That would certainly put a hole in my rant!

I really like saving my emergency fund money in my ING Direct account and receiving 4.2% interest (it’s current interest rate)!

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  1. Barry Hughes on November 24, 2007 at 11:07 pm

    That’s an Oxymoron if I ever saw one – Saving money by spending it. My wife says “Look at how much I saved – it was on sale”. It would have been a better deal if she wouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

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