SERIES: Fundamental Rules Of Money Management II

Welcome to a new series on the wildly popular!   In this series, I will be sharing what I believe are Fundamental Rules Of Money Management.     I look forward to reading your thoughts on this topic!

Rule #2 Sow Some Seed

It appears that this series is taking on a farm angle …   It is the most basic and fundamental fact of farming.   If you want to harvest something, you better plant something.   I can assure you that if you do not plant corn kernels in the spring, you will not be able to harvest 150 – 200 bushels/acre of corn kernals in the fall.

How does this relate to finances?   I see some key similarities:

  • Being stingy with seed leads to a poor crop If you want to have no money, don’t save any money.   Don’t invest any money.   I can promise you that you will always have no money (a poor crop).
  • Some seeds will be eaten or rot You can coat the seed with pesticide and other deterrants, but some of the seeds will still be eaten.   Still others will rot.   Others will not germinate.
  • If enough is planted, an abundant harvest will happen If enough seed is planted, it sets in motion the path toward an abundant harvest.   There is nothing like running the combine through the fields and emptying the hopper into the grain trucks – the result of all of your efforts in the spring.
  • One seed usually produces hundreds or thousands of additional seeds! The seeds that produce will yield an incredible harvest.

Are you sowing some seed so that you can reap a harvest?   Let’s make it practical.   Are you investing in your 401(k)?   Are you saving money for your dreams?   Are you directing money into investments like real estate, small businesses, stocks, bonds, and other proven ways to maximize the growth of your money?   Sow some seed.

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