SERIES: Setting Goals – Part Two

Welcome to another series on – Setting Goals

I am passionate about helping others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.  I know that the number one way that folks will win with their personal finances is to have a well-written plan and clearly defined goals.

Part Two  Determine your mission

What is your mission?  The vision is the guiding light for everything your organization does, but the mission answers "what" you are going to be doing right now to accomplish the vision.

The IWBNIN vision is …  to help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.

This vision is what drives everything we do, but it does not say "what" we are doing right now to accomplish it.  The mission should say what the key focus is for the next several years.  The IWBNIN mission statement does that.

The IWBNIN mission is … to teach personal finances to 100,000 people by October 2011.

This mission is a (somewhat) manageable chunk that clearly defines our focus right now.  It seemed like such a huge mission back in 2006 when we set it.  But with the NewSpring growth rate, we might be running 100,000 people by October 2011!  Awesome!

One more thing about your vision and mission.  If they do not FIRE YOU UP, you probably have not nailed it down.  As I simply typed the words in right now, I literally YELLED out loud.  It FIRES ME UP!  I can not believe I get to do this stuff for a living.

Take some time to write out a (somewhat) manageable mission that will guide your efforts for the next few years.  Then go read Part Three

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