Should You Fire Yourself?

If you looked at your financial decisions and management from the viewpoint of a “third party” – what would you say about the manager?

  1. Are your decisions yielding a profit (money given, saved, and invested)?
  2. Maybe you are operating a “non-profit” – where you are making it from month-to-month, but nothing is left over to give, save, or invest., OR
  3. Perhaps you are where I used to be, operating “at a loss” – where you are spending more than you make and feel stuck financially

I realized in December 2002 that “Me, Incorporated” needed to change leadership because I was doing a terrible job. I had to do something that was quite challenging to do: I fired myself.

It was the greatest financial decision I have ever made. In my place, I rehired “a new and improved CEO” Joseph Sangl to lead Me, Inc. This new leader was vastly different from previous management. Here are some key differences this new leadership provided:

  • The new leader was well-read in all things finances (I read TONS of financial books)
  • The new leader was willing to involve his spouse in all financial decision
  • The new leader was willing to prepare a budget every single month AND (Gasp!) stick to it!
  • The new leader was focused on yielding a profit (to give away, save, and invest)

Firing myself was one of the greatest financial decisions I’ve ever made. Do you need to fire yourself? Share your answer in the poll below. Once you’ve voted, you’ll be able to see how others have responded!

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