So you really want to help someone …

In the finance classes that I teach, we have small group discussion time after the lesson. It is an AWESOME time where the class has an opportunity to talk about the good things that have happened with their finances and also the not-so-good things.

As a small group discussion leader, I have learned more from sitting in these discussion groups than I ever would have learned sitting through a finance conference somewhere.

Do you know why? Because people are being real. People are allowing themselves to be transparent so that someone else can learn from the pain of their experience.

As our classes have grown, I have had a need for more small group discussion leaders. When I ask some potential leaders, I have invariably received the response, “Oh, I could never help them with their finances. I am just now getting control of mine!”

You do not know how much I love that response! Why? They are being real! They are humble! They are in EXACTLY the right spot to be an excellent small group discussion leader! They have BEEN THERE, DONE THAT and that allows them to really help someone because they can meet them where they are.

So you really want to help someone … ? Be authentic, be real, meet people where they are, listen to them, and exude HOPE at all times!

To all of the persons who have been involved in a small group discussion – you KNOW exactly what I am talking about.

To all of the persons who have been involved in a small group discussion led by me – first, let me apologize :), second, THANK YOU for letting me learn from you! I rejoice in the opportunity that I have had to potentially help you!

Many days before I go to work, I play the piano. I sit down and play the song “If I Can Help Somebody”. No, I am not making this up! You know why I play this song? Because I LOVE sharing something that has changed my life with others and seeing it help them in real and tangible ways.

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