Someone needs to do this …

Here is a list of “helpful” companies that exist solely to “help” people.

Check Into Cash
Cash Advance
Extra Payday
Cash America
Axcess Cash
Payday OK
PayDay USA
Advance America
Check Smart
Check ‘n Go

Let’s see how helpful …

Check Into Cash states under their “Our Standards” link that “A payday advance is a responsible, dignified choice for short-term cash needs” and “Customers understand the value of convenience and the growth of payday advances reflects a broader national trend toward increased convenience and customer service.”

Under Check Into Cash’s “How It Works” link, the claim is stated “If you sometimes run short of cash between paydays, for any reason, let Check Into Cash be your safety net. It takes just a few minutes.”

I cry out, “BULL CRAP!!!” and “THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!”

The FACT is that these companies charge OUTRAGEOUS amounts of FEES and INTEREST. They are only interested in ripping off poor people and keeping them poor. Annual Percentage Rates range anywhere from 250% to 500% on these loans. OUTRAGEOUS!!! This is NOT helping people.

Someone should do this … Open up a store next to every single one of these RIP-OFF, HORRIBLE financial institutions. That store’s name should be something like “It’s Like Free Money!” or “Cash Advice” or “Keep Your Payday, OK?” or “Be Smart, Not Check Smart”. Inside, there are highly trained, highly capable financial counselors that will meet FOR FREE with each person who walks into the door and helps them understand the true cost of a cash advance loan. That person would then offer FOR FREE to help them develop a budget and hold them accountable to that budget. Additionally, monthly follow-up visits are conducted FOR FREE to help them gain control of their finances.

I am fed up with poor people being ripped off. This must be stopped.

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