Coupon Workshop Coming To Anderson SC

I am excited to announce that Jenny, the founder of, will be presenting her Extreme Couponing 101 workshop in Anderson, SC!

The event will take place at the Anderson County Library on September 16 and begins at 6:00PM.  Cost is $10 (materials fee).

This is a 2-hour long class teaching you to be a true couponer. 

It's not just about cutting and handing over coupons!  Learn how to use coupons to save hundreds of dollars a month on all of your grocery, household and personal care items.

Cover basic and advanced topics:
1.  Gathering and Organizing Coupons

2.  Using online resources to find your own deals
3.  Effectively Using Coupons – a lot more than just clipping and using a coupon!

4.  Detailed instructions for CVSing, and other Drugstores

Each participant will get a detailed guide book to keep.


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  1. Karen Rogers on August 27, 2009 at 9:08 am

    I want to learn about Extreme Couponing 101 but can’t attend the workshop. Can I get this information in a book?

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