Stuff-Itis Outbreak

A major stuff-itis outbreak has been detected in America.   Many individuals have been infected with this curable disease, but the source of the infection seems to vary.

It is possible that turkeys are the carrier of the disease, and it is passed on to those who consume turkey on Thanksgiving Day.   It seems that a massive outbreak of stuff-itis occurs on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Stuff-itis outbreaks have also been previously associated with occurring just after a marital disagreement.

Stuff-itis is a serious disease that causes the infected person to:

  • spend more than they make
  • believe that “stuff” will make them happy
  • have a void created in their very soul, and
  • be robbed  of their long-term potential

Arguments, though they add energy to the process, have not been proven to help cure an individual infected with stuff-itis.

It is cured through the recognition that one has “enough”.   “Enough” food, clothing, shelter, and safety to make it through today.

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