Last Friday night, I had three different individuals come up to me and tell me how they have had their lives changed financially!   They told me about how much it had changed their marriages, their lives, and the level of HOPE that they now have.

Stories like that are what make me tick!   They are what gets me up out of bed every single day!   It is what fills me with passion every day!

People are being helped.   They are not being given a fish so that they can eat for a day.   They are being taught HOW to fish so they can eat forever.   We are not handing out a bunch of money, paying off people’s bills, and saying “Hope you do well now!”   Why?   Because without a behavior change, people will go right back to the way they were managing their money and get right back into a mess!

I know!   I paid off my credit cards three different times!   The first two times, I never changed my behavior.   As a result, I kept going right back into piles of debt!   When I changed my behavior and starting working together with Jenn, that is when we started having real financial success!

I love hearing about successes!
Are you building your success story?

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