Today, I was able to travel over to Easley, SC and speak at 5 Point Fellowship.

I was able to continue my crusade to help people achieve financial freedom!  Every single time that I teach the practical tools that Jenn and I used to achieve financial freedom, I get PUMPED up!!!

Why do I get PUMPED up?

Because I KNOW that others can do this!  Because I KNOW that all we have to tell ourselves is NO!  Because I KNOW that God has a specific plan and purpose for every single person on this planet and finances many times prevent people from pursuing that specific purpose.  Because I KNOW what it has done for Jenn and I!!!!!

I can't say enough on how thankful I am to Dean Herman, Tim Winkler, and the entire 5 Point Fellowship family for allowing me to come and share my passion with the church.  THANK YOU! 

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