Taking it to the next level!

I have a friend who helps coordinate the personal finance course with Jenn and I. This friend is in charge of delivering cost saving ideas after the intermission.

She has been doing this now for about 6 weeks. All I can say is , “WOW!” I have seen an entirely new level of financial discipline. This week she brought in three boxes of pencils with each box containing a dozen pencils. “How much did I pay for these pencils?”, she asked. “How much? Come on, how much?”

One of the class members ventured, “$1.00?”

“Nope! Less.”

“Fifty cents?”, another tried.

“Nope! Less.”

“Ten cents?”, a class member asked bewilderingly.

“Nope! Less.”

“Five cents?”, was asked cautiously.

“Nope! Less. I paid one penny for each box. They were so cheap that the store could not even charge me tax.”

This lady has brought in a fine art painting. “How much?”, she asked. After a series of guesses, we arrived at ZERO. She had checked the painting out at the library!

I am discovering that there is an entire new level to managing your spending! Don’t tell me you can’t do this! Don’t tell me you can not live on your income! All you have to do is control your own self!

You may be saying, “THIS WOMAN IS A WACKO!!!”

I would say you may be right, but she isn’t broke anymore.

I choose to be wierd. Why? Because normal in America is BROKE! I am NOT doing BROKE anymore!

Can I get a witness?

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