Thank You For Attending The Financial Learning Experience!

Thanks so much for attending the Financial Learning Experience!   It is  my  prayer that you left inspired and equipped to take your finances to the next level.

You CAN do this!

It is  our passion  to help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.   By attending the FLE, you helped us put our passion into action.

We  realize that a lot of information was shared  during the FLE, so here is  a summary of the information and tools.

Top FIVE Lists:

Budget (Remember, it’s EZ!)

  • The monthly budget form and weekly/bi-weekly/bi-monthly budget forms are located HERE
  • The money saving tips are located on the Budget Boosters (including Groceries) page located HERE
  • Level term life insurance quotes can be quickly obtained HERE
  • Auto/Home insurance quotes can be obtained HERE

Debt Elimination/Debt Freedom Date Calculation

  • The Debt Freedom Date Calculator and Actual Cost of Debt Calculator are located HERE
  • You can find zero percent interest balance transfer credit cards HERE
  • The Debt Pay-Off Spectaculars (including the Llama one) are located HERE
  • An Early Pay-Off Calculator is located HERE

Retirement Nest-Egg Required Calculation/Investing

  • High interest on-line savings accounts are located HERE
  • The Retirement Nest-Egg Required Calculator and Investment Value Calculator are located HERE


  • You can obtain a copy of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. and its related Group Study HERE
  • You can PRE-ORDER a copy of my new book for young people, What Everyone Should Know About Money Before They Enter THE REAL WORLD HERE (ships by Dec 15 – in time for Christmas!)

If there is any way that the IWBNIN Team can serve you, please let us know!

Thank you!

Joseph Sangl

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