Thank You To Crossroads Church!

I just got back from teaching the Financial Learning Experience at Crossroads Church in Douglasville, GA!

It was awesome to be able to carry on the crusade to the Atlanta area!  There were 56 people who came in ON A SATURDAY MORNING to learn about finances!

I can tell you this – from the moment the class started everyone was engaged!  Everyone was interested!  Everyone was actively participating in the discussion!

I will predict this right now.  Mark this down in your books.  There were lives that were changed today!  Lives that will never be the same!  There will be children who will see their parents WORKING TOGETHER on their finances for the first time – without fighting!  Mark it down!

MANY THANKS to Kurt Dean for the hospitality and allowing me the opportunity to carry on my crusade at Crossroads Church!  Kurt – I can't thank you enough!

Since Jenn and I were in town on Friday evening, Kurt and his bride, Janine, invited us to their home group for game night.  Bud and Monica hosted us for some flame-grilled burgers (very FLAME-grilled!Laughing), ping-pong, and a game of Taboo.  In ping-pong, I was thumped by Kurt, Bud, AND Zach.  My Ping-Pong SKILZ have went south!

It was an awesome day, and I am PUMPED UP knowing that there are couples who RIGHT NOW are working together on their finances for the very first time! 

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  1. Jon Smock on May 5, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    Praise God! And, don’t worry – you could still whoop me at ping-pong, I’m guessing.

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