The 8th wonder of the world … compound interest!

If I can get you to do only two things related to your personal finances (and I want you do far more than two things!!!), I would plead for you to complete a zero-based budget every single month, and I would beg you to start investing NOW to enjoy the awe-inspiring results of compound interest!

If you invested $1,000 per year at 10% interest for 50 years, you would have $1,163,909!!! If you only had 40 years, you would only have $442,593.

I say “only” with a smile, but let’s think about it. By starting your investing 10 years late, you have forfeited the miracle of compound interest for that time period, and it COST you $721,315!!! WOW!

If you are already enjoying the benefits of compound interest, you are smiling now. If you are not already investing, time is ticking away …

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