The challenge of continually learning.

I have spent the last three days at a conference having my mind stretched. I have to admit that it is difficult sometimes to endure mind-stretching teaching/learning experiences.

I believe that it was Thomas Edison that said, “I love to learn. I am just not sure that I like being taught.” Why would he say that? I believe that pride might be at the source of it all. We love to be in the know, but it also happens regularly that we are too prideful to admit that we do not know.

I know that I need to continue to learn. Not just in finances, but in all areas of my life. If I do not continue to learn, I will not grow and develop and accomplish exactly what I was put on this earth to do!

Here is what I have been doing recently to learn:

  • Reading a book on personal finances – specifically on marriage and money
  • Reading a book on leadership – specifically on being a leader of leaders
  • Attending the leadership conference I am currently at
  • Sitting in small group discussions to discuss personal financial management
  • Hanging out with other leaders – not to necessarily discuss leadership
  • Writing thoughts out on paper – really helps to develop ideas/thoughts
  • Prayer – Taking time to reflect
  • Reading the Bible – There is a reason this is the world’s all-time best-seller. The plot is amazing!
  • Attending home groups – doing life together

What have you been doing recently to learn?

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